Here at the Center we stress the quality of your dog's groom over quantity. Grooming is scheduled by appointment only or during your dog's stay at daycare. One dog is scheduled at a time, allowing for quick turn around time and to be sure your dog gets the personalized attention they deserve.


Includes a bath, nail trim and ear cleaning.

Brush Out

Includes 10-15 minutes of brushing of the coat.

Light Groom

Includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and trim of the furnishings (ears, feet, tail).

Complete Groom

Includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and a full body haircut.

Puppy Introductory Groom

Includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and trim of furnishings. If the puppy has matting or requires a full body haircut the full breed price will be charged. Receive 20% off a Complete Groom breed price!

*This is a one time only service

*Please inquire for breed specific groom pricing.

Nail Trim
Nail Dremel
Tooth Brushing
Flea Shampoo
Anal Glands
Madra Mor Spa Treatment

Nourish and hydrate your best friend with one of our natural and all organic Madra Mor spa treatments. Each treatment is applied with a ten minute canine massage. This treatment can be applied a la carte' or in addition to a Complete Groom.

Mobility Mud

An energizing treatment of peppermint and menthol for healthy skin, soft coat and relief from minor aches and pains. Soothes inflammation, tight/sore muscles and is perfect for performance dogs after a weekend competition!

Soothing Mud   *Client favorite!

A unique blend of antioxidants that promotes calmness, comfort and healing. Treats irritated skin and itchy, scratchy hot spots.

*Proof of rabies vaccination is required for all grooming services.

Please fill out these forms and bring along a copy of your dogs current Rabies vaccination.

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